The final sign of evil

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GenreThrash Metal
Media format2-LP
Media PackagingStandard
Available since 06.06.2014
Product code309958

Disc 0
  • 0The final sign of evil
Disc 1
  • 1The sin of Sodom
  • 2Blasphemer
  • 3Bloody Corpse
  • 4Witching metal
  • 5Sons of hell
  • 6Burst Command Til War
Disc 2
  • 1Where angels die
  • 2Sepulchral voice
  • 3Hatred of the gods
  • 4Ashes To Ashes
  • 5Outbreak of evil
  • 6Defloration

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Written on: 17.05.2017

6 reviews


Sodom, dear old Sodom, one of three master thrashers of the entire thrash metal genre. Sodom has been an active band since they were created in 1982, and they still kick *** in 2007. Starting off as a black metal band Sodom would later move towards thrash metal. Their style cannot be mistaken, Tom Angelripper’s raspy and torn vocals, heavy but simplistic guitar work and various types of common speed-drumming. In their earliest work you will notice clear influences from bands like legends like Venom and Motorhead. But Sodom has also created a unique sound formula that makes their music to sound cruel and dark compared to Destruction and Kreator.

First of all, this is not a compilation. Instead, this is supposedly what In The Sign Of Evil would have sounded like were the band's label at the time able to support them with enough funds to record all of the songs that have been written for the occasion (instead, only the 5 songs that appear on the original EP were recorded). Actually, I'm more than willing to believe that this is indeed what this album would have sounded like since Sodom also decided to mix it in pretty much the same way (ie. probably on some ancient 4-track fished out from Angelripper's grim and evil garage) and all of the original members of the band from that time are also present on this recording. Now let me tell you, although Onkel Tom's bass playing and vocals have improved over the years, it seems like the other two members from that era have spent the last two decades doing anything but honing their skills as musicians. The tempos waver, the guitar makes tonnes of mistakes and a grand total of perhaps 6 chords are being used here. The whole thing sounds like it was found is some damp attic and not recorded in 2007 AD. This is a far cry from Anthrax' technically impressive Greater Of Two Evils, no? Still, let me tell you - none of this matters...

This album will get you to think about impaling your cat, wearing satanic jewelery and wishing you weren't "born too late" (a pat on the back to anyone who knows where that's from). Recommended to fans of early Sodom, First Wave Black Metal and modern traditional Black Metal.

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Written on: 11.05.2017

56 reviews

Old black-thrash

"The Final, the final and the final ..." - can be repeated endlessly, listening to the creation of Tom Angelripper and his team. Apparently, the guys missed the old "dirty" resemblance of the black-thrash of the early and mid-80s. It is noteworthy that the overall sound of the album (its quality) just returns the listener in the specified period of time, naturally, with a slight correction for the present. There is an impression of quality recording in the basement conditions. Probably, sodomists decided to repeat or at least return that old, dark, oppressive, but very catchy atmosphere. Although this work is recommended to listen to the old fans of the team - they will understand something. The current generation will most likely not be imbued with twelve "all-destructive" tracks, among which the EP "In the Sign of Evil" was completely rewritten, plus a whole new set of new songs. The presence of the song "Outbreak of Evil" will not surprise anyone. This thing will persecute everyone for a long time. Immediately remember Kreator with his "Flag of Hate", which also appeared on one, then another release. Well, that's the fate of the thrash hits.

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